Frequently Asked Questions


1. The Background

  • Torquay Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd’s (previously trading as Adroit Torquay) inception was December 2018
  • While the business was operating under the Adroit AFS (Australian Financial Services) licence and brand, we have always been 100% locally and independently owned

2. Why the change to Maven Insurance + Advisory?

  • Some time ago we came to the conclusion that our ambition to remain 100% independently owned was no longer a fit for the Adroit model (majority owned by AUB Group Limited, an ASX200 listed group)
  • This was driven by a desire to remain independent & autonomous, nimble & agile, with a team-based commitment to being responsive, energetic & progressive to meet the diverse needs of our clients
  • To control our own destiny and put our own stamp on the business of Maven

3. Has the Ownership of Maven changed?

  • Not significantly.… Andrew Locke, Nigel Sullivan and the Gribble Family remain Shareholders
  • Jason Daniels joined the business earlier this year as a Shareholder too
  • Our team of Mavens are still with us and ready to assist – Ashleigh Mates, Callum Currie, Kelly Korewha, Dannielle West, Jessica Prendergast and Fraser Locke

4. Who is Maven linked with now and why?

  • Maven Insurance + Advisory (as the trading name of Torquay Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd) is now acting under the licence of Remingtons Insurance Brokers (trading name of SMS Insurance Pty Ltd)
  • We chose to partner with Remingtons because we believe that they will provide us with the appropriate resources and support to be the best client advocates we can be

5. Does Maven still have access to the same Insurers?

  • As part of the change, we are now a part of the Steadfast Group which is the largest general insurance broker network and the largest group of insurance underwriting agencies in Australasia
  • Not only do we have access to the same Insurers, but the scale and strength of the Steadfast Network will provide us access to an increased number of Insurer partners, exclusive products and services all backed by the strength and scale of the Steadfast Group
  • We believe this will bring many benefits and advantages to our business, which ultimately, we look forward to sharing and passing on to our clients

6. Why the name Maven Insurance + Advisory?

  • The word ‘Maven’ comes from the ‘Yiddish Meyvn’, meaning “one who understands” or “one who is experienced or knowledgeable”
  • But to be a Maven you have to be more than just understand a topic, you have to know its ins and outs…often Mavens are the people that you turn to as experts in a field

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